The Tree of Life

Knowledge, “do not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”
But of course, that is what the human world has done. The Christ
message is: We are branches of the Tree of Life and there’s nothing
that any of us can do to change it. Make contact with God at the
start of every day and never start a day without it. That contact
does not flinch, but is rooted in the knowledge of the Tree of Life.
It is a matter of trusting so deeply that as problems bounce into
your life, you catch them on the bounce instead of saying show me
a sign God that this problem isn’t real. If it is real, then this
whole Christ message is false. The Tree of Life beareth fruit
twelve months of the year. There’s no barren winter and plentiful
spring. Jesus realized as the Vine takes us into the Tree of Life.
That is the Way.