My door creation…

“The wise one, when seeking entrance through the locked door, wold not destroy the door but rather would seek for the key wherewith to unlock it”

Jesus, The Urantia Book,

Speaking for Montclair Meeting, our Ministry and Counsel committee enthusiastically supports our Clerk Barbra Bleecker attending the 3 day session on Deepening Spiritually.
Barbra has a deep spirituality, is centered and is touch with her Inner Light. She is skillful at encouraging others to be in touch with their Light and to feel God’s presence. Barbra guides our Meeting to harmony by her intuitive nature and deep trust in God’s leading. Her messages seem to come from a place of deep listening for God’s voice, discerning God‘s will, sharing God‘s love warmly, encouraging the ministry of others, helping people who are struggling, spending much time in prayer, building and comforting others wherever she goes. Her experiences as a Chaplin and an Elder inform her spiritual work. As our Meeting’s Newsletter editor she has introduced features that invite members to explore their spiritual experiences.
Barbra is indeed gifted in gently attending to the spiritual needs of others, valuing spiritual hospitality for and with everyone. We believe Barbra is likely to return from the weekend with refined skills that will enable her to widen her circles of love.
Mary Pugh Clark, Clerk Ministry and Counsel


Live always in the remembrance that you are in the Presence of Gd—And you
will find that you are.
Live always in the remembrance that  Grace is your sufficiency—And you
will find that it is.
Live always in the remembrance that Gd is walking with you every step of your
life, from waking in the morning to sleeping at night and standing beside you
all night through. Live in the remembrance of this truth and you will find that
it is the truth.
Live always in the remembrance that Gd is your bread, wine, your water and your
meat, and you will find that you are always fed, clothed, housed as benefits the
child of Gd.
Live always in the remembrance that knows your need before you do and you will
find that it is true.
Live always in the remembrance that it is Gds good pleasure to give you the
kingdom and you will find that it is.

My Prayer

In this moment of silent communion with Thee,

O Lord, a still small silent voice speaks in the depth
of my spirit.
It speaks to me of the things I must do to attain
holy kinship with Thee and to grow
in the likeness of Thee.
I must do my allotted task with unflagging faithfulness
even though the eye of no taskmaster is on me.
I must be gentle in the face of ingratitude
or when slander distorts my noblest motives.
I must come to the end of each day with a feeling
that I have used its gifts gratefully
and faced its trials bravely.
O Lord, help me to be ever more like Thee,
holy for Thou art holy,
Loving for Thou art love.
Speak to me, then, Lord, as I seek Thee again and again
in the stillness of meditation, until Thy bidding
shall at last become for me a hallowed discipline,
a familiar way of life.