FAITH IN PRAYER May the sweetness of the Holy Spirit abide with us…………..Amen We are always seeking pleasure, trying to avoid pain, always seeking after happiness and peace. And most often that very…

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Remember that the earth, with material sense removed, is heaven…

God is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, but have we the Consciousness of this or only the words? The words in and of themselves are not truth and thinking about them or reciting them will not make them a living breathing demonstration in our experience. It is when we relax back into the WORD while in meditation that we experience that moment of Peace which springs into our awareness as a feeling of the Truth which is the Spirit behind the words. The demonstration always takes place in the invisible and then appears as abundant and harmonious form.

When you go within yourself, whatever the trouble is and Christ arises, ascends, It says to the storm within you, ‘Peace, be still,’ and there is a great calm. You have entered meditation; you have left the storm of the mind and entered the Silence.

Remember that the earth, with material sense removed, is heaven…

In practicing the presence of God….

Begin by Practicing the Presence

Meditation is not simple for those who have never approached it. It is
made easier, however, by beginning not with meditation itself but with
practicing the presence of God. It means consciously remembering God,
acknowledging Him in all our ways, and remembering upon waking in the morning:
Today I watch the activity of God taking place throughout the day. I will
not fear what mortal man or mortal circumstances can do to me, but I will
live as a beholder of God as God reveals each unfolding minute to me, each
unfolding five minutes and each unfolding ten minutes, until at the end of
the day I will be able to report, “God, You have done a wonderful job with
today. I’m going to rest and trust You with the night.”

In practicing the presence of God, we turn over the days and the nights to
God. Eventually we turn over our household, our finances, our business,
and the driving of our automobiles to God, even the driving of other drivers.
Yes, we even place them under God’s grace. Gradually by this practice of
the Presence, it becomes a simple matter to meditate because now, as we sit
down, we automatically find ourselves in the midst of an inner quiet and an
inner rhythm.

For Barbra Potter Bleecker on her Ordination 1/17/98 Edward J. Jeffs



My Lord

Perhaps I was you,

We met on the walks of ourselves,

You were a nice old man,

And I was another flowered being,

You were just God, and a lover,

And somehow we held hands

As we journeyed into the souls

Of others, you knew everything

And I who knew nothing,

Held your hand and became you,

And you became others.
For Barbra Potter Bleecker on her Ordination

1/17/98 Edward J. Jeffs



Every day
I see or hear
something that more or less
Imbues me with delight,
that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light.
It was what I was born for —
to look, to listen, to lose myself inside this soft world —
to instruct myself
over and over in joy,
and acclamation.
I am not talking
about the exceptional,
the fearful, the dreadful,
the very extravagant — but of the ordinary,
the common, the very drab,
the daily presentations.
Oh, precious one, I say to myself, how can you help
but grow wise with such teachings as these —
the untrimmable light
of the world the ocean’s shine,
the prayers that are made out of loneliness?


I began the study of Mysticism with Joel Goldsmith in 1980 and have let the wisdom of his mystical teachings become a way of life for me.

Oneness is a cardinal principle of The Infinite Way, a oneness which is so basic and all-inclusive that it cannot be side-stepped with any “ands,” “ifs,” or “buts.” There cannot be that One and some other power, presence, cause, law, substance, or activity. Yet, how many persons are there who unquestioningly acknowledge one Power and in the same breath give power to something completely contrary to the nature of that one Power, thereby setting up a lesser power to be overcome by a greater one? But “Oneness” means what It says: One. This eliminates the possibility of anything other than that One having existence except as a mental concept. This simple principle of One is so expansive and all-inclusive that it can include life from every aspect.
Because G-d is the All-Power, there are no other powers. Because G-d is the All-Presence, there is no other presence. Because G-d is All-Wisdom, Infinite wisdom, It is instantly available and need not be enlightened.
Second, but equally important, is the word ”as”: G-d appearing as individual being and as the spiritual universe and all that is therein. There is nothing outside of or beyond that One, that One which is infinite, unlimited, pure Consciousness, the substance of all life. That One appears as the many, but always the essence and quality of the One are the essence and quality of the many.
And the final word — “is.” G-d is; Grace is; harmony is; perfection is. How much good we shove away from us in our conviction that good was or has been our experience, but is not now present; or how often do we believe that some good may come to us in some future time or state! But all the Reality that exists, exists now. There will never be more of G-d than there is now, never more of good, wholeness, abundance, perfection, infinity than at this moment. As we live in this moment of is-ness, the next moment unfolds as a continuity of Grace.