Month: November 2019

My door creation…

“The wise one, when seeking entrance through the locked door, wold not destroy the door but rather would seek for the key wherewith to unlock it”

Jesus, The Urantia Book,

Speaking for Montclair Meeting, our Ministry and Counsel committee enthusiastically supports our Clerk Barbra Bleecker attending the 3 day session on Deepening Spiritually.
Barbra has a deep spirituality, is centered and is touch with her Inner Light. She is skillful at encouraging others to be in touch with their Light and to feel God’s presence. Barbra guides our Meeting to harmony by her intuitive nature and deep trust in God’s leading. Her messages seem to come from a place of deep listening for God’s voice, discerning God‘s will, sharing God‘s love warmly, encouraging the ministry of others, helping people who are struggling, spending much time in prayer, building and comforting others wherever she goes. Her experiences as a Chaplin and an Elder inform her spiritual work. As our Meeting’s Newsletter editor she has introduced features that invite members to explore their spiritual experiences.
Barbra is indeed gifted in gently attending to the spiritual needs of others, valuing spiritual hospitality for and with everyone. We believe Barbra is likely to return from the weekend with refined skills that will enable her to widen her circles of love.
Mary Pugh Clark, Clerk Ministry and Counsel