I began the study of Mysticism with Joel Goldsmith in 1980 and have let the wisdom of his mystical teachings become a way of life for me.

Oneness is a cardinal principle of The Infinite Way, a oneness which is so basic and all-inclusive that it cannot be side-stepped with any “ands,” “ifs,” or “buts.” There cannot be that One and some other power, presence, cause, law, substance, or activity. Yet, how many persons are there who unquestioningly acknowledge one Power and in the same breath give power to something completely contrary to the nature of that one Power, thereby setting up a lesser power to be overcome by a greater one? But “Oneness” means what It says: One. This eliminates the possibility of anything other than that One having existence except as a mental concept. This simple principle of One is so expansive and all-inclusive that it can include life from every aspect.
Because G-d is the All-Power, there are no other powers. Because G-d is the All-Presence, there is no other presence. Because G-d is All-Wisdom, Infinite wisdom, It is instantly available and need not be enlightened.
Second, but equally important, is the word ”as”: G-d appearing as individual being and as the spiritual universe and all that is therein. There is nothing outside of or beyond that One, that One which is infinite, unlimited, pure Consciousness, the substance of all life. That One appears as the many, but always the essence and quality of the One are the essence and quality of the many.
And the final word — “is.” G-d is; Grace is; harmony is; perfection is. How much good we shove away from us in our conviction that good was or has been our experience, but is not now present; or how often do we believe that some good may come to us in some future time or state! But all the Reality that exists, exists now. There will never be more of G-d than there is now, never more of good, wholeness, abundance, perfection, infinity than at this moment. As we live in this moment of is-ness, the next moment unfolds as a continuity of Grace.

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