The INFINITE WAY is my way, my path~~

Perhaps The Infinite Way can best be described in Joel Goldsmith’s own words as “a God-experience.” This experience is a touching of that Center within which for generations has been buried’under a life totally centered in the outer; it is discovering that in that Invisibility within there is Something greater than anything in the visible world; it is knowing with an undeniable certainty that there is a Power and a Presence within each and every person that is the All-Power and the All-Presence.
With this conviction, it is possible to walk up and down a fear-torn world with confidence, courage and assurance, knowing that you do not walk alone, but that this indefinable Presence goes with you. It is That which cannot be described but you can feel Its tug as you turn to It–sometimes in utter helplessness–and find It within your own being.
While an extensive literature setting forth the principles of The Infinite Way has evolved, these books are not the real Infinite Way. True, they are about The Infinite Way and its principles and they serve as guides to those who earnestly desire to enter into this new-old relationship of oneness with the Source of all life. They invite those who hunger and seek after the God-experience to come to the feast, helping to lead them to the experience of God. Each person, however, must enter on his own, for this is an individual unfoldment.
This God-experience is possible to anyone. Every person, no matter who he is–the saint rolling in ecstacy or the derelict in the very depths of degradation–has this Presence within him. Then, why are so few aware of this wellspring of life within? Because they are too busy shadowboxing, making a living, seeking companionship, climbing the social ladder: empty shadows, when all the time within them awaiting their recognition is the Substance of life, fulfillment itself. As Goldsmith says in The Art of Meditation:
Is there a path that leads to God realization, a path that can be trod here on earth? Can it be achieved here on earth? The answer is Yes. Not only is there a way of accomplishing this objective, but there is a short cut. That short cut, so simple and yet so very difficult, is to perform a bit of mental surgery on ourselves and cut away all our desires. Let us take a good sharp scalpel and cut out of ourselves all desire for a person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition. Every desire must be cut away in order that only one remains: to know Thee, whom to know aright is life eternal.
Pure Mysticism. The Infinite Way is pure mysticism, but not mysterious and not impractical. It is a complete reversal of the materialistic way of life which is based on the belief that there is only a limited amount of good and that in order to attain a portion of that good it is necessary to struggle, to wrest it from those who have it, a struggle which results in cut-throat competition and war.
To follow the mystical way is to recognize that everything you have need of is already within you, within your consciousness. Do not look outside: look within, and you will find all that makes life worthwhile. If the whole world should collapse, a conscious awareness of the Presence within could build it anew, if . . . Yes, there is an “if,” and that “if” is: if you are resting in the Presence and relying on It instead of on some tangible thing out there that can so easily be swallowed up in a personal or international holocaust. The mystical way is a practical way because it puts an end to the strife that comes from trying to get something out in the world. Instead, it centers one’s attention on how to release the Infinity locked up within.
It is a recognition of the essential worth and dignity of every individual, because within each and every one is this same Presence to be acknowledged and respected: God appearing as. This makes every person important, every person unique, with a special purpose and function in life–not just a cog in a machine.

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